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Nuvoton Microcontrollers (12/16)

New added support for Nuvoton Micorcontrollers, as a continuation of the former Windbond products. Among the additions are devices still under development. The standard devices are N78E055A, N78E059A, N78E366A, N78E517A, N79E352R, W77C032A, W77E058A, W77E516A, W77E532A, W77L032A, W77L058A, W77L516A, W77L532A, W78C032, W78C438, W78E052D, W78E054D, W78E058D, W78E516D, W78E858A, W78ERD2A, W78IRD2A, W79E632A, W79E633A, W79E658A, W79E659A, W79L632A, W79L633A, W79L658A, W79L659A. The low pin count devices are N76E003, N76E616, N76E885, N79E715, N79E8132, N79E814, N79E815, N79E822, N79E823, N79E824, N79E825, N79E8432, N79E844, N79E845, N79E854, N79E855, N79E875, W79E2051, W79E4051, W79E8213. Call Ceibo for more information.

Debugger Update - Windows 10 (09/15)

Ceibo Debuggers are updated to support Windows 10.

MIL-STD-883 (04/15)

DS-186 in-circuit emulator has passed the compatibility tests to support Intersil 80C86/883 and 80C88/883 and provide an updated tool to the aerospace industry and other sectors.

8086/8 and 80186/8 Emulator Update (06/14)

DS-186 Emulator supports most of Intel and AMD 186 clones by Innovasic as a standard setup. The latest hardware version of the emulator has also an improved memory mapping in 1KByte Memory Blocks.

Ceibo USB Driver (10/13)

USB CDC (communications device class) may not be installed on Windows 7 64-bit and other platforms. The .inf file will not work. Therefore, you will not be able to link your computer to the peripheral by means of USB. Atmel c5131_cdc.inf and others have this problem. Contact Ceibo by email to get the free updated driver that solves this issue. It is not only related to Ceibo systems but also to many other products built with Atmel, Microchip and other USB Controllers that have drivers not supported by new Windows versions.

Debugger Update - Windows 7 and 8 - 32/64 bits (09/13)

Ceibo Debuggers are updated to support all Windows Versions, including Windows 7 and 8, 32/64 bit versions.

Emulator for AT89LP51RD2, AT89LP51ED2, AT89LP51ID2 (06/13)

FE-LP51RD2 emulatator supports Atmel AT89LP51RD2, AT89LP51ED2, AT89LP51ID2 and other single-cycle microcontrollers with 64KB ISP flash and 12-clock compatibility mode. It includes 2304 bytes RAM, 2KB ROM with UART-base Bootloader, PWM, UART, TWI, SPI, PCA, up to 42 I/Os, 10-bit A/D, dual Analog Comparators and internal 8MHz RC oscillator.

New Microchip Support (09/12)

Ceibo tools have been updated to support the new line of Microchip 80C51 MCUs. These tools include in-circuit emulators, development boards and C++ Compiler.

Test Equipment for 8086, 8088, 80c186, 80c188, etc. (05/12)

DS-186 emulator is offered in customized versions for testing purposes supporting 8086, 8088, 80C86, 80C88, 80C186, 80C188 and all other x86 microprocessors. This solution is replacing obsolete test equipment and computers used by many companies.

C++ Upgrade for Keil PK-51 and ÁVision 4 IDE (10/11)

Ceibo C++ upgrade for PK-51 is integrated into ÁVision 4 and provides Embedded C++ functionality which can be linked to C and Assembler modules. The software update also provides 64-bit libraries.

8086/8 and 80186/8 Emulator (05/11)

Ceibo DS-186 emulator hardware has been upgraded. The new version runs up to 50MHz, has USB connection to Paradigm Software and supports 3V and 5V emulation.

Intel 874x Emulation (10/10)

Ceibo DS-48 emulator has been upgraded to support Intel 8048, 8049, 8741, 8742 and other derivatives. This is the only available emulation solution for these Intel devices.

NXP LPC9xx Emulation (03/10)

Software and Hardware upgrade is available now to support NPX LPC9xx derivatives at maximum frequency.

x86 Emulation (11/09)

New hardware version of DS-186 emulator with more features is available now. This emulator is the only one in the market driven by the latest Paradigm software. Intel, AMD, NEC and others are supported, as well as customized adapters for other devices. Among the supported devices are 8086, 8088, 80C86, 80C88, NEC V20, NEC V30, 80C186, 80C188, 80C186EA, 80C188EA, 80C186XL, 80C188XL, 80C186EB, 80C188EB, 80C186EC, 80C188EC, NEC V25, NEC V40, NEC V50 and others.

Flash Programming (09/09)

Programming support for Spansion, Macronix, Samsung and other Flash manufacturers. Engineering and production systems available for all the packages. Contact us for the most cost effective and reliable solution.

8085 Emulator (08/09)

Software update available for Ceibo DS-85 Emulator. The radiation-hardened 80C85 is still in use by the aerospace industry and Ceibo 8085 emulator supports it to fulfill the demand of this market. The Windows software accepts all the files generated by Intel tools and others. Ceibo 8085 In Circuit Emulator does not have frequency limitations.

More Philips/NXP LPC900 Support (05/09)

FE-900 Emulator and Programmer added support for new devices of the LPC900 family. The new devices are listed in the NXP Linecard

Microcontrollers (01/09)

Looking for components? Ceibo stocks many microcontrollers and other hard to find parts: P87C752, P87C750, S87C752, PICs, KU80386EX25, 386EX, EPF8820RC208-3, etc. Send your request to info@ceibo.com

x86 Emulation at 3.3V (12/08)

DS-186 In-Circuit Emulator increases x86 support, now emulating derivatives at 3.3V. Call Ceibo for specific needs.

8051 Emulator with IAR Banking Support (5/08)

DS-51 In-Circuit Emulator has a Software Update supporting IAR C Compiler with memory banking configuration done by XData or Port bank switching.

Logic Analyzer (2/08)

New Logic Analyzer connected to USB. Two models available, PLC-1016C and PLC-2532C,with 16 or 32 channels. Enhanced performance: 250MHz, 2Mbyte, complex triggers, UART/SPI/12C decoding, glitch capture and more. Price: $360 / $585 (240Euro / 390Euro).

Project Maintenance (12/07)

Ceibo updated debuggers and emulators as per request of major organizations to keep maintaining strategic projects in many fields based on x86, 251, 8085 and XA families of devices. All the tools are available and continuously supported. Call Ceibo for more information.

JTAG Programmers (11/07)

Ceibo MP-JTAG programmer has been customized to support new devices under development that will be announced soon by silicon vendors. A low cost version of the programmer with USB to JTAG conversion is also available.

Personality Probe for NXP P89(L)V66X (7/07)

DS-51 emulator supports Philips/NXP P89(L)V66X and P89(L)V51RX2 microcontrollers with Personality Probe: P-C51xD2, featuring maximum frequency and 3V/5V emulation.

In-System Universal Programmer (05/07)

Ceibo announces the the availability of the most versatile In-System Universal Programmer conceived for the manufacturing environment. The software implements the fastest programming algorithms approved by silicon manufacturers and it is able to be integrated to any ATE. Operation is standalone or under control of a PC via RS-232, Ethernet or USB. Call Ceibo for more information.

P87LPC778 Emulation (11/06)

Ceibo EB-76X supports Philips/NXP P87LPC778 without limitations. All memory spaces are available, including the 8K OTP code space. TSSOP emulation needs ADP-20TSSOP adapter. P87LPC778 has a 4 channel, 8-bit A/D converter.

AT89C51RE2 and AT89C51IE2 Support (10/06)

Ceibo has programming and emulation solutions for Atmel AT89C51IE2 and AT89C51RE2 devices. AT89C51IE2/RE2 MCU are based on the 80C51 core architecture and have 128K bytes of Flash memory along with 8192 bytes of XRAM, an SPI interface and a PCA. The integrated bank switching for the 128K flash is fully supported with Ceibo emulators; these emulators are the only available solution that uses the actual flash memory of the chip, as in your final application. Ceibo offers different versions of programmers and emulators for these microcontrollers.

C++ Upgrade for Keil PK-51 and ÁVision 3 IDE (10/06)

Ceibo C++ upgrade for PK-51 is integrated into ÁVision 3 and provides Embedded C++ functionality which can be linked to C and Assembler modules. The new software update also provides 64-bit libraries.

x86 Integrated Debugger (6/06)

The integrated debugger of the Paradigm C++ Professional IDE now has support for the Ceibo DS-186 in-circuit emulator. Real-time execution, overlay memory,hardware breakpoint events, and trace buffer execution history are some of the features of the Ceibo DS-186 that the integrated debugger will take advantage of. This support, in addition to the source level debugging and ability to assemble/compile/link/locate your x86 application, is available with version 6.00.045.

Flash Programmer for Fujitsu Microcontrollers (4/06)

Fujitsu MB90F553, MB90F439 and other 16-bit Flash Microcontrollers are supported with USB single and gang programmers. Also programming adapters are available for all the packages. Contact Ceibo for specific device support.

Support for Philips P89V51RD2 and P89LVRD2 (12/05)

DS-51 emulator supports Philips P89V51Rx2 and P89LV51Rx2 derivatives with a new Personality Probe: P-V51x2, featuring maximum frequency and 3V/5V emulation. The supported devices are: P89V51RB2, P89V51RC2, P89V51RD2, P89LV51RB2, P89LV51RC2 and P89V51RD2.

8051 C/C++ Double Precision Floating Point Libraries (12/05)

Ceibo C++ C51 is supplied with new 64-bit libraries including double precision addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, math functions and more. This complete software package for 8051s includes C++ Compiler, C Compiler, Assembler, Debugger and Simulator, Upgrade package to add C++ to Keil CA51 and PK51 Compilers, uVision IDE and Simulator support if you have PK51 Ver. 7 or later.

New Debugger for Ceibo 251 Emulators (08/05)

Ceibo continues supporting Intel and Atmel C251 derivatives. A new debugger is available now and can be dowloaded from this site. All 80C251 and MCS251 devices are supported and in all working modes.

TCP/IP+8051 and Ethernet Solution (08/05)

Working hardware and software implementation that can be used as design reference is available now. The Development Kit includes all the sources and uses standard microcontrollers available from many manufacturers. See TCP/IP+8051 Solutions for more information. Ethernet and Modem connectivity are both supported.

Hardware Update for AT89C5131A USB Controller (04/05)

Atmel AT89C5131A silicon changes are now supported by a hardware revision of FE-5131 emulator. The previous emulator version also supports AT89C5131A and AT89C5131 but only with AT89C5131 installed on it. Adapters for the new QFN-32 package are also available.

Emulation Kit for AT89C51SND2C (04/05)

Ceibo has a new development kit for Atmel AT89C51SND2C that includes a real-time emulator. The standard package for this device is BGA and it is emulated by using the device on the target and similar connectors as specified in Atmel development boards.

Emulator for Philips MX Family (12/04)

Ceibo FE-51MX emulator supports P8xC51MA/B/C and P89C669 microcontrollers.The system is based on Philips bond-out technology and it includes dedicated development board and software. The standard package is PLCC; QFP adapter is also available. The emulator is connected to the PC by USB or RS-232. FE-51MX is available now.

Emulator for Winbond W78ERD2 (10/04)

Winbond W78ERD2 is compatible with other 89C51RD2 devices, having extra Port 4, INT2 and INT3. Ceibo FE-WRD2 real-time emulator supports this new microcontroller in PLCC-44, DIP-40 and QFP-44. The emulator runs at 40MHz and is connected to the PC by USB or RS-232. FE-WRD2 is available now. Call Ceibo for more information.

Emulator for Dallas DS89C450 (09/04)

Maxim - Dallas Semiconductor DS89C450 is the world's fastest 8051 drop-in. The device operates at one clock per machine cycle core and offers 64KB of in-application programmable flash memory. DS89C450 operates at 33 MIPS at 33 MHz with one clock/machine cycle core. Ceibo FE-C450 emulator runs at 33MHz. The latest software update allows USB connection to the computer and provides improved breakpoint performance. Call Ceibo to receive the firmware update.

CAN Networking Support - T89C51CC01, T89C51CC02 and AT89C51CC03 (09/04)

FE-51CC01 emulator and development system supports now all Atmel 8051 CAN microcontrollers, including AT89C51CC03 with 64K Flash, 49MHz frequency and 3-5.5V voltage range. The supported packages are PLCC44, TQFP44 and also the dedicated packages for T89C51CC02: SOIC24, SOIC28, PLCC28 and TQFP32. The same system can emulate other derivatives, such as T89C51AC2 and T89C5115. Atmel AT89C51CC03 is available also in TQFP64 and PLCC52 with additional P4.2-P4.4 pins; this device is supported by FE-51CC03/64Q in both packages. The systems include emulator, ISP programmer, development board and a full version of Assembler and C Compiler. Ceibo also offers a complete line of CAN products for development and production.

USB Controllers Support - AT89C5131 and AT89C5132 (09/04)

Two development systems are available for Atmel USB controllers. FE-5131 supports AT89C5131, AT89C5131A-L and AT89C5131A-M in PLCC52, VQFP64, MLF48, SO28 and QFN32. FE-SND1 supports AT83C5132 and AT89C5132 in VQFP80 and PLCC84. The systems include emulator, ISP programmer and a full version of Assembler and C Compiler.

MP3 Applications (09/04)

Ceibo FE-SND1 supports AT89C51SND1 and AT83C51SND1 in VQFP80 and PLCC84. The same system also emulates AT89C5132 and includes emulator, ISP programmer and a full version of Assembler and C Compiler.

More Philips LPC900 Support (09/04)

Ceibo FE-900 kit provides emulation, programming, development and software for all the LPC900 family. The software update includes support for P89LPC901, P89LPC902, P89LPC903, P89LPC904, P89LPC906, P89LPC907, P89LPC908, P89LPC912, P89LPC913, P89LPC914, P89LPC915, P89LPC916, P89LPC917, P89LPC920, P89LPC921, P89LPC922, P89LPC924, P89LPC925, P89LPC930, P89LPC931, P89LPC932, P89LPC933, P89LPC934, P89LPC935. Other future derivatives will be also supported by this system. Available from Ceibo: emulation adapters for all the packages.

Smart Card Readers (09/04)

Two systems are available for development with Atmel Smart Card Reader controllers. FE-5121 supports: T83C5121, T85C5121, T89C5121. FE-5122 supports: AT83C5122, AT83C5123, AT83EC5122, AT83EC5123, AT85C5122, AT85EC5122, AT89C5122.

Emulator for AT89C51ED2, AT89C51IC2, AT89C51ID2 (09/04)

A new software update is available for the popular Ceibo FE-51RD2 emulator supporting now with the same system all Atmel standard micrococontrollers with Flash ISP: AT89C51ED2, AT89C51IC2, AT89C51ID2, AT89C51RB2, AT89C51RC2 and AT89C51RD2 in PLCC44 and QFP44 packages.

Free 8051 C-Compiler (02/04)

A new professional kit including C++ Compiler, C Compiler, Assembler, Debugger and Simulator is available from Ceibo. This software has free distribution with Ceibo systems and is not limited in code size, except for the C++ Compiler. Full version of C++ Compiler can be purchased and used also to upgrade Keil C Compiler to C++. Download and try a free 8K version. Ceibo provides technical support to all the users.

FE-5121 - Emulator for Atmel AT8xC5121 (02/04)

New emulator for Atmel AT8xC5121 - C51 Microcontroller with Serial Interface and Smart Card Reader Interface ISO7816 compliant, DC/DC Converter and 16K bytes Flash RAM. All available packages are supported.

DS-51 Emulator - New Debugger (12/03)

Download this new software; compatible with all DS-51 V5.x emulators.

Emulator for Atmel AT89C5132 (11/03)

Ceibo FE-SND1 supports a new derivative of the popular AT89C51SND1;the new device comes without MP3 controller.AT89C5132 has the same pin out as AT89C51SND1(QFP80) and it is fully supported by FE-SND1.

HC08/12, ST5/7 Development Tools (09/03)

Ceibo offers a new line of development tools for Motorola HC08/12 and STMicroelectronics ST5/7. These systems include design kits, debuggers and programmers.

CAN Products (08/03)

Wireless solutions for CAN data transfer via GSM, (+GPS), GPRS, Infrared, UHF and BLUETOOTH.
They help customers worldwide to realize very efficient and cost saving CAN BUS-Systems.

Have a look at our large range of conventional solutions for an unlimited number of applications such as wired protocol and interface conversion, control & automation industrial equipment, machinery and vehicles.

CAN components and devices can also be used as standard modules for analyzing and monitoring CAN networks.

New Ceibo Debugger (07/03)

Ceibo released two versions of a complete new debugger: Simulator only that works without any system, and full debugger that supports emulators FE-51RD2, FE-5131, FE-51CC01, and FE-SND1. Other supported systems coming soon.

FE-5122 - Emulator for Atmel AT89C5122 (05/03)

Ceibo is pleased to announce the availability of a new emulator supporting Atmel AT89C5122: C51 Microcontroller with 7-Endpoint USB Controller, Smart Card Reader Interfaces ISO7816 compliant, DC/DC Converter and 32K bytes Flash RAM.
For complete information, prices and specs please click here

FE-900 - Emulator for Philips P89LPC92x/93x (05/03)

Ceibo is introducing a new development kit that includes a bond-out based emulator, ISP programmer and development board supporting the new Philips LPC devices: LPC932, LPC931, LPC930, LPC922, LPC921 and others to be announced.
For complete information, prices and specs please click here

8051 C++ Compiler - Software Update (05/03)

Ceibo 8051 C++ Compiler upgrades existing C Projects to Embedded C++. It is available only for 8051 Keil Software and XA Ceibo/PantaSoft.
This is the the first C++ Compiler for 8051 derivatives. Version 2.28 has new features: double precision floating point, additional language extensions, etc. Download:
Demo software
Software update
Keil press release of this compiler

MP-51 Programmer - New Device Support (05/03)

Ceibo MP-51 latest software version adds programming support and corrected algorithms for
Philips P87C51Rx2 (with and without H suffix), P87C552 and P87C554.

Emulator for Atmel CAN and A/D Microcontrollers (12/02)

FE-51CC01 supports the popular T89C51CC01 CAN controller as well the low-pin-count version, T89C51CC02. The same system can be used to emulate T89C51AC2 - 10-bit A/D Microcontroller - and the T89C5115 Low-Pin-Count derivative. Mechanical adapters are available for all the packages: PLCC, QFP, TSSOP and SOIC.
See FE-51CC01 Datasheet.

Winbond Support (10/02)

All Winbond W77xxxx and W78xxxx are now supported by Ceibo DS-51 Emulator with bond-out based personality probes (see DS-51 Data Sheet and Price List) and also with a new low-cost FE-W7 Emulator (see FE-W7 Data Sheet and Price List) which includes ISP Programmer and Development Board. The complete Winbond line card is also available.

CEIBO launches the world's first 8051 C++ Compiler (04/02)

The newly designed CEIBO C/EC++ Compiler is the first product of its kind in the embedded systems industry. It supports Object Oriented Programming (OOP) for the most commonly used microcontrollers. The Ceibo C/EC++ Compiler greatly benefits from the advantages of the OOP and modernizes existing tools for standard 64K architectures, and the new generation of devices up to 16 Mbyte such as: 8051 with or without bank switching, Philips XA and MX, Intel and Atmel 251 and other microcontrollers. The Ceibo C/EC++ Compiler and libraries have advanced optimizations that reduce code size and speed up execution time. CEIBO C/EC++ Compiler integrates a C/Embedded C++ Compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, debugger, and simulator. The generated code is compatible with all in-circuit emulators. For more information download the C++ Compiler Data Sheet (PDF File). Demo software are available: XA-C++ demo and 8051-C++ demo (which also includes a free simulator).
Download the 8051C++ Price List.

FE-XXX Emulators with Trace (02/02)

Software update enables Trace capabilities to the popular Ceibo FE-XXX emulators

Emulators for Atmel-MW LPCs and MP3-Player (02/02)

Two new low cost emulators are available now from Ceibo. FE-5111 supports the new line of Atmel Low-Pin-Count Microcontrollers. FE-51SND1 emulates the T8xC51SND1 - MP3-player controller.

More MP-51 Support: AT89C55WD, AT89C51FC and others (11/01)

New software update for Ceibo MP-51 Programmer. Read mp-51-update.pdf for more information
or download the update from software updates.

New Programmers and Software (09/01)

Ceibo MP-51 Programmer has been modified and the new software may be not compatible with some new devices. For upgrades and more information, download the latest software and see the readme.txt file.
Ceibo is also offering now a new Universal Programmer as well as a JTAG programmer.
If you just need ISP programming for Atmel MW or Dallas Semiconductor microcontrollers, the programmers are included in the FE-xxxx emulators: FE-51RD2, FE-51RD2 (68-PLCC), FE-51CC01 and FE-C420

New Line of the smallest 8051 Emulators (06/01)

New Line of the smallest 8051 emulators is available now, supporting Atmel W&M, 89C51RB2, 89C51RC2, 89C51RD2, 89C51iB2, 89C51iC2, 89C51iR2 and 89C51CC01: FE-51RD2, FE-51RD2 (68-PLCC), and FE-51CC01

New Line of Adapters (PGA, QFP, DIP, PLCC) (04/01)

We added to our product line a complete solution for many emulation and programming needs. Other adapters are also available and may not be listed yet. For more information click here.

Available Now! TCP/IP+8051 Complete Solution (04/01)

Hardware development board with embedded Modem and all the TCP/IP sources or object files. TCP/IP+8051 Solutions compatible with Keil, IAR, Tasking and other compilers.

Keil's uVision2 (12/00)

This powerful and popular debugger is now able to operate Ceibo's systems. The first implementation supports Ceibo DS-51 emulator. Just a few DLLs have to be added as explained in the readme document included in
Keil support zipped files.

TCP/IP+8051 Solutions (11/00)

Embedded solutions implementing TCP/IP+8051 Solutions on 8051s. Coming soon.

FE-51RD2 Emulator (11/00)

Ceibo announces FE-51RD2, the smallest emulator in the market for the 8051s. The size is only 1" x 1.5" (2.5cm x 4cm approx.) and it was designed to supprot Temic Semiconductors 89C51RD2 and other future derivatives. The system also includes a development board and a serial programmer, debugger, power supply, cables and other accessories. Availability: 12/2000.

EB-XA/V2 Emulator (10/00)

New emulator from Ceibo supproting Philips XA microcontrollers. The system is based on Philips bondouts and curently support for G3, C3, G49 and S3 derivatives are available. The Emulator has 512K code and data with 32K memory mapping capabilities and real-time trace. Availability: 12/2000.

DB-51 New Development Board for 8051s(08/00)

The popular DB-51 development board has been redesigned and now features more memory, place for prototyping QFP and SMT devices and Windows debugger. For the Windows SW update select New SW button

Temic C251 Support (03/00)

Ceibo now supports Temic Semiconductors C251 derivatives with a bondout emulator

Emulator for ST62 Family (03/00)

Ceibo is announcing the EB-ST62 - low cost Emulator designed to support the ST62xx family of 8bit microcontrollers, using a innovating technology. more information is available in EB-ST data sheet.

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