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DB-51 V1.30 (DOS) 448K
DB-51/HW-Version 3 V1.11 1.1M
DB-501 V1.09E 930K
DS-51 V1.43 (DOS) 571K
DS-51 V1.28 1.7M
New DS-51 (all DS-51 V5.x emulators) V3.41 1.1M
DS-51 C505CA Support V3.36 1.1M
DS-251 V1.09 2.1M
DS-750 V1.41B (DOS Install) 559K
DS-750 V1.41B (DOS ZIP) 456K
DS-48 V1.09H 1.0M
DS-85 V3.07.01.09 2.0M
DS-XA V1.25 1.6M
EB-51 V1.41 (DOS) 572K
EB-51 V1.09Q.006 1.1M
New EB-51 V3.40 1.1M
EB-51X2 (Philips 89C51Rx2) V1.10.003 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision)2.4M
New EB-51X2 V3.40 1.1M
EB-C251 V1.09.011 1.1M
New EB-C251 V3.14 2.0M
EB-76X V1.10.004 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision) 1.3M
EB-XA V1.09R.02 1.1M
EB-XA/G49 Update 13K
New FE-51(FE-51RD2/5131/CC01/SND1)V3.16 1.9M
FE-51RD2 V1.57 (Windows 7/8 Installer)2.4M
FE-51RD2 V1.57 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision)2.4M
FE-51CC01 V1.57 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision)2.4M
FE-SND1 V1.57 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision)2.4M
FE-5131/5131A V1.57 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision)2.4M
FE-5111 V1.11 (includes supported dlls for Keil Ávision)1.5M
FE-SND2 Update 1.3M
FE-5121 V1.50 1.1M
New FE-5122 V3.07 2.1M
FE-5122 V1.46 1.1M
FE-900 V1.35 1.6M
New FE-900 V3.08 2.1M
FE-900 936 Support V1.40 2.2M
Simulator V1.16 (for 8051 C++ Compiler) 2.0M
New Simulator(all 8051s)V3.272.0M
DS-51 dlls for Keil µvision2 and 3 784K
FE-450 V1.581.5M
FE-W78 V1.581.5M
New FE-450/VRS/WRD2V3.14 1.9M
FE-MX V3.211.9M


XA-C++ (Philips 80C51XA microcontrollers) V3.07 (PantaSoft C/C++ XA Compiler - Demo only) 4.7M
8051-C++ (using Keil evaluation version) V3.02 (8051 C++ Compiler/Debugger - Demo only) 4.9M
Free 8051 C/C++ Compiler (with integrated Debugger/Simulator) V2.06 (limited to 8K) 6.9M


MP-51 V3.10 and update instructions 1.0M
MP-JTAG V3.18.04.04 2.6M
MP-UNIV V3.1 6.1M


HT2OMF PIC V4.00 85K
HT2OMF XA V4.00 84K
Setup program (fixup for Win95/98/NT) 43K

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