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EEB-C251 is a system with less features than DS-251 and it supports only the currently available MCS-251 and C251 derivatives from Intel and Atmel MW (former Temic).

EB-C251 has trace and breakpoints less sophisticated than DS-251. EB-C251 has only software breakpoints, meaning that code is replaced by a break instruction, and therefore it can only be applied to the code mapped into the emulator memory.

DS-C251 has hardware breakpoints that can be applied to target memory so if you have your program on an EPROM in your target board, you may need the hardware breakpoints. The DS-251 has testpoint clips that can be connected to any external signals to be recorded in the trace memory as if you have a logic analyzer. These clips can be used also to start and stop the trace recording and generate breakpoints.

Frequency of Operation 24 MHz 24 MHz
Emulation Memory 256K Internal Memory 256K internal memory
Mapping Resolution 4K, 8K, 16K, 32K & 64K Boundaries 1 Byte
Breakpoints 256K Software Breakpoints 256K Hardware Breakpoints
Break on Opcode Execution Yes Yes
Break on Data Read/Write No Yes
Break on On-Chip Memory, Ports and Register Contents. No Yes
Break on External Signals No AND/OR combination of 2 external signals
Break on High Level Lines Yes Yes
Source Level Debugging for C, PLM and Assembler Yes Yes
Trace 2Kx48 bit records: address, data, status 128Kx128 bit records: address, data, status, program counter, trace clips and time stamps
LEDs and Switches for experiments Yes No

Download PDF file - Differences between CEIBO 251 Emulators ( 28K)
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