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FAQs about DS-48

System Problems

1. Yesterday I worked with the system and it was OK. Today the ports are not showing any activity.

The software has been invoked without a system connected to the power supply; then the mode has changed from Emulation to Simulation and therefore you are working only with the simulator.

2. I cannot establish a communication between the system and my PC, although the serial port of my computer works with another system as well as the serial cable.

1. A cable from another system may be the problem. Use only the black cable supplied with the system.

2. Your PC does not support the high baud rate. Try to set the baud rate to low in the Options Menu.

3. The system shows always Error #8 and also #4, #5 and #6 - crystal problems.

Set the crystal jumper to Internal.

4. I get a communication error with the DOS debugger but with the Windows debugger everything works.

Check the COM port setup in the Options Menu.

5. I get error #4 and #5 with the DOS debugger but with the Windows debugger everything works.

Check the Chip type setup in the Options Menu.


6. Why some options are grayed out?

Not available yet in the current software version.

7. I am using an assembler and when I try to enter a symbol in the Watches window, I get Error #311 and the values of the variable are represented as question marks (?????).

This assembler and many others are case sensitive, so enter the variable manually and always in upper case.

8. I cannot open the Module Window.

You did not load a file with Debug information. Check again how the file has been generated and if you selected the appropriate vendor in the Load command.

9. Why the Code Dump Window dispays several times the same addresses?

Adjust the window size. The emulated microprocessor also sets the program counter to 0 while overflowing its maximum address (FFFFh or less according to the chip type).

10. Interrupts and Timers are not working in simulation modes.

Use real-time emulation mode for Interrupts and Timers. This support is not fully implemented yet in your current software version.
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